Tell us about your favourite webtools!

By 1 May 2012, we want to award this year’s Maximow Award phase II! This time it is prizes of 450 EUR each (four winners), which will be awarded for fair and open scientific collaboration on the web.
Maximow and his organizing team have tested a couple of freely accessible webtools to be put to use in this current phase II.
What are your preferred tools for cooperating online with your peers? Join us for a pioneering debate

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3 Responses to Tell us about your favourite webtools!

  1. > What are your preferred tools for cooperating online with your peers?

    wikis are my favourite, and any type of this software family that I have tried out has convinced me even more,

    a wiki is a super tool to write up research projects in a team – projects must be turned into words after all, for grant proposals, for publishing, whatever.

    I have also done project management with wikis: agree who is doing what, how long, by when, for how much etc. – and this was flexible and clear at the same time, a big plus 🙂

    with most wikis you can “shut away” certain pages that you might want to be accessible by password only

    as a collaborative writing tool, a wiki is simply excellent,

    for a general impression you might try Wikipedia and click the “edit” part of a page to look behind the scene a little and get a feeling for what your wiki tool might look like, too. Wikipedia runs on the wiki software called “mediawiki”,

    for wiki variety, see

    ever tried using a wiki yourself?

    • Toscanina says:

      I agree with Claudia. Moreover, a wiki requires basic editing skills and this makes the game more interesting. My e-colleagues and I use the wiki to co-create projects and to share our work online. We also invented a calendar function that is very useful. Moreover, it is possible to add links and attachments and to view the version differences for every change undertaken on a wiki page. The main page, “Recent changes”, gives you a general overview of who produced a new version of which page. A comment can be added for every edit so everyone has a quick overview about what happened since the last visit without having to click on every page. If there is a specific dialogue or sharing of tasks, we add short acronyms in the edit comment (e.g., @XY) so that people know this is an edit for them in particular. All of these features are very useful, indeed!

    • Toscanina says:

      Our team works from Italy, Germany, Scotland, Cyprus, Russia and Australia… and we more or less share a common 24H office. If I subscribe to a wiki page for change notifications I can keep myself informed of any update. So I can say wiki is a virtual working environment for people who want it free, open and efficient. Our team acts as a unique multi-talented mind. We call this new work style “Octopus Thinking”: many directions at the same time for a common aim!

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