Maximow goes blogging

Dear readers,

we are celebrating Alexander A. Maximow’s 138th birthday today and we decided to give him, you and ourselves a present by creating this blog for the Maximow Award.

The life and work of Alexander A. Maximow, the inventor of the stem cell model (unitary theory), inspired our innovative, bilateral competition for young scientists.

Maximow himself was born in Russia, he worked temporarily in Germany and, in 1922, emigrated to the US – one might say that he was not only a brilliant researcher but that he also understood the need for worldwide scientific networking.

in terms of a future without borders for scientific knowledge:

Happy Birthday, Alexander A. Maximow!

Maximow Award 2011/12 is taking place within the framework of the German-Russian Year of Science and Education under the auspices of the Open Access Journal “Cellular Therapy and Transplantation” (

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