Announcing the winners of the second phase of the Maximow Award 2011/2012

Dear Participants,

we wish to thank you for your successful and brilliant contributions to the blog discussion. We hope you enjoyed this open way of sharing knowledge. We are sure that this terminology contest has shown a new path for scientific discussion. All blog comments received a doi and a pdf is made available on the platform of the open access journal CTT that hosted this contest, see Cellular Therapy and Transplantation.

We also wish to thank Yana Onikiychuk, MD, and Dr. Max Christopeit for their moderation, and Prof. Alexey Chukhlovin for starting the discussion by posting the first excellent blog comment.

It is our pleasure to announce three winners:

Alexey Bersenev, Ilya Bozo and Kshama Gupta

who will receive 450€ each as their Maximow Award phase II prize plus html and pdf versions of their comments made available with a doi on the CTT journal site.

The names of the winners of phase I and phase II will be widely announced at the prestigious Wilsede Meeting which is due to take place 16-20 June 2012

Please feel free to reply to this blog post by contributing your comments and suggestions.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you again!

The Maximow Award Team
for phase II of the Alexander A. Maximow Award 2011/2012

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